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The Multikatedra Ltd. translation agency was founded in 2003 in Zagreb. We are one of the largest translation centres in Croatia. Our translators are highly educated and experienced language experts, native speakers, and court interpreters, covering all translation fields, while our business partners are renowned Croatian and foreign companies with which we have been successfuly conducting business with since our very beginnings.

Our mission are highest quality translations and proofreading of Croatian and foreign texts, equally high standards of expertise and professionalism and - satisfied clients. Through a formidable reputation and a professional approach, we strive to be the market leader, while also contributing to the improvement of the language culture through the highest level of credibility and recognition in our field.



Written translations
Oral translations: simultaneous and consecutive
Court interpreters


Proofreading and correcting of texts in Croatian
Proofreading and correcting of texts in foreign languages


Text shaping and formatting



Translation prices depend on the language, the complexity, and on the area of expertise.

  • 1. Free quantity and price calculation

    Send us an inqury for an estimate on the number of standard pages, price, and delivery deadline for a translation or proofreading.

  • 2. We will promptly reply with an offer

    The price of a translation or proofreading depends on the type of text, deadline, and the number of standard pages. We will reply with an offer as soon as we receive your inquiry.

  • 3. Accepting an offer

    Our language experts will begin work on your translation as soon as you accept our offer. Our oral translators will be at your disposal at the precise location and time agreed upon.

  • 4. Completed translation

    We are professional and responsible, our translations are of the highest quality, and we always deliver on time.

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Address: Zagreb, 10040, Hercegnovski put 41
Working hours: 9:00 – 17:00
Telephone: +385 1 2945 952